During my sabbatical in 2018, I had the joy to meet this wonderful, inspiring human being while traveling South of Japan and enjoy a few days of Hidemi's Tada routine. 

This film showcases what I experience, and I need it to put out there into the world. Hidemi, born in Japan in 1949. this artist left his homeland in 1991 and traveled abroad. While living a vagabond life in Indonesia and Malaysia, he began pencil drawing portraits in 1994, which received great praise. After arriving in Canada in 1995, he picked up oils for the 1st time. That was his beginning as a prolific contemporary painter. 

Today, Hidemi lives like a monk on the suborns of Osaka, where he makes a painting a day and reads a book by night in the company of the neighbour birds. "Poverty means lack of essentials, simple life is a lack of what you want, voluntary poor is a passport to happiness" - Hidemi Tada 2019 

Directed / Edited / Music / Open Titles / Design / Grade by Vasco Vicente.

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