Social Animals Solo Art Show Manifesto

We, the Facebookers, the Twitterers, the Instagrammers, the food porn lovers, the selfie kings and the queens, the visual trash addicts, the like back swingers, the wing shot travellers, the duck face posers, the data hunters....Oh, the F*small talkers and emoji speakers, as the real "social" meaning comes to a decline...So do we. The privacy perverts living a full-time online life, where we keep overly exposing ourselves to impress the people that we don't really care about, in front of a mirror now called screen. And we just keep looking at it, not for vanity: we're just too afraid of missing out on something (#fomo). "Follow me if you want to live", says society quietly, building up new frivolous what go around a twisted heart shaped like the button. And it's amazing how we feel globally connected, communicating just by setting a tone of voice to an existing avatar. So where's the actual social part of it all, you animal you? Remember back in the day? We had limited characters to write a text message. We sat in front of each other to have the one-to-one conversation...our pick up lines didn't feature emojis: Just real eye contact and few honest, clumsy words, that didn't come out of a phone or google search. Funny. We are Social Animals. So go be on!
Screen print poster collection

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