Role: Creative Director & Illustrator & Designer 
Agency: Luxifer
Client: Hellocave
To launch Hellocave on the market,  we created a vibrant visual language using illustration as the brand identity. 
Hellocave mission is to create an entrusted rental marketplace where all listenings are published in real time and accessible for everyone.

Role: Design + Illustration + Art Direction 
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Client: Corona
I've designed a shirt together with Adolfo Correa to mimic the true state of paradise with a pattern that looks idyllic from a distance, but on closer inspection reveals plastic waste everywhere. The shirt is also made of recyclable plastic.
Role: Creative Director + Designer + Illustrator 
Client: Nike​​​​​​​
Role: Creative Direction + Title Design + Editing 
Client: David Carson
Short film about my collaboration with David Carson about design process and creative thinking tacking a global issue, plastic pollution. 
Role:  Creative Direction + Design +  Art Direction
Client: NikeSB X Noord Skatepark

Role:  Art Direction + Design + IIllustration
Client: Nike Women Russia 
Role:  Art Direction + Design + IIllustration
Client: Citizen Global
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